Quinoa Crust Pizza with vegetables
Like so many others, one of my favorite foods is Pizza, but I indulge only once in a while as it does not fall into my way of eating.

It occurred to me the other day, that one way of going around the carbs/protein issue (at least from the perspective of gluten) would be to make a quinoa pizza crust, so I looked for and found a fabulous recipe on a blog called “Oatmeal with a Fork”, and I have to say, it is a fabulous recipe and very easy to make as it takes only 5 ingredients.
I cooked the crust the day before and to prepare the pizza today, I mixed 3 or 4 Tbsp of pasta sauce with 1 tsp of basil pesto, 1 tsp of sundried tomato pesto and 1 Tbsp of mashed roasted garlic. I covered the crust with this paste and then I added a combination of shredded mozzarella and yellow cheddar and also dollops of soft goat cheese (next time I will try feta instead).
I covered the pizza basically with every vegetable that I had as a leftover…roasted red onion, roasted yellow and red peppers, steamed spinach, chopped artichoke hearts, chopped olives stuffed with garlic, and cremini mushrooms that had been sautéed with garlic. I cooked it for 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven or until the cheese is melted.
It was absolutely delicious and I could not eat the whole pizza, but my husband volunteered to help, and loved it!  I hope you are able to try it!
Bon appétit!


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